In this section you may find all what you need to know about Kopilot ChildCare.



1What is Kopilot ChildCare?
Kopilot ChildCare is an alarm to protect your loved ones. The system encourages the vehicle's drive to inspect the vehicle for unintended left children or passengers.
2Is Kopilot ChildCare approved to use in Florida?
The Senate Bill 252 of 2021 requires certain vehicles to adopt a “Child Safety Alarm” and it determines that the Florida Department of Children and Families must regulate and approve every manufacturer and alarms. DST America LLC and its product Kopilot ChildCare submitted the request for approval on September 1 / 2021.
3What is include in Kopilot ChildCare?
We try to put everything essential in the box. You will find an electronic module, wire harness, fuse block and some electrical attachments. Please read the manual to follow the steps for installation.
4Why do I need to update the software?
It is recommended the update the software to get the latest performances and to apply the regulations of your Country or State. It is as easy as plug in the USB cable to your laptop, open or download the Kopilot App, select your Country and State and click the Update button.
5How do I know if Kopilot ChildCare works on my vehicle?
Does your vehicle have tires and seats? Then it will work! We designed Kopilot to use with small, medium and large vehicles ranging from few to many passengers as a bus can transport. We use one device that fits all of these vehicles.

Do you have more questions and / or suggestions?
Please feel free to contact us!

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