A device
to protect

We only do the best to protect our children and that’s why we designed Kopilot and Kopilot ChildCare. Our mission is to avoid injuries and accidents when people is transported in vehicles.

Kopilot ChildCare is a device that alerts the vehicle driver to inspect the vehicle for unintentionally left children. Once the driver inspects the vehicle and touches “verified for children”, the system acknowledges the inspection. But don’t worry, in case the vehicle inspection is delayed, the alarm will sound to remind the driver to inspect the vehicle.

What’s in
the box?

  • 1 Module
  • 1 Wire harness
  • 1 Fuse holder
  • 1 Electrical acccesories
  • 1 Documentation
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Want to add
Kopilot ChildCare
to your ADAS System?

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